Monday, May 7, 2012

Romlin's Chair and Bench in progress

I met Romlin and Amanda a few years back at one of our summer festivals.
Romlin and her daughter Amanda are the types of people that instantly becomes a friend.
I've done several pieces for their home in the past.
These are the most recent items I have been working on for them.

The chair . . .well that is pretty self-explanatory.
It's one of "those" chairs - the kind that I wish I could find more often.
The kind you find in a library or law office.
The kind that is heavy and solid and seems to wrap around you.
Soon - it will be wrapping around Romlin and Amanda.

The bench - that is a more unique item.
Last year I found a large bench on Craigslist that I made over for our living room.
Romlin saw it and wanted one.
She liked how my bench was long and narrow - different from most standard benches.
I have never found another bench like mine - maybe that was because it had been custom designed.
But I did find 2 long and narrow benches.
That's another story that I will save for another post when this is finished.
We decided to take the creative approach and connected them together.
I am working on this right now.
Blocks of base color have been laid in.
Tonight . . .I will start to bring it life.
More pictures to come!

I love taking cast-offs and giving them new life.


Cheryl Mellema said...

Thanks for showing the process of the bench...I've always wondered how you attack your projects. Can't wait for more pics.

An'Angelia Thompson said...

Laurie, your painted furniture really inspires me! This chair is awesome! I've been holding onto pieces to paint for YEARS now - I'm definitely putting it on my list for this summer! (There I put it in writing - let it be written....LOL)