Wednesday, May 2, 2012

If You Give An Artist A Pencil . . .

And evening doodle created using sharpie and TomBow markers on watercolor paper.
So recently I decided to take an e-course.
I signed up and have been practicing (some) on decorative lettering with JoAnn Sharpe
If you are not familiar with JoAnn . . .seriously - drop what you are doing and check out her happy whimspirational art!
I have to admit - I have a bit of starstruckedness. (I know that isn't a word - but go with me here.)

As part of the class - there was a supply list.
Pens - check. Pencils - check. Rulers - check. Watercolors - check. Paints - check. Paper - check. Markers - Markers???
I don't usually buy markers. I've never liked markers -
Markers always leave lines and look . . .unprofessional.

I was really surprised when I learn that markers play a significant part in JoAnn's work.
And I LOVE JoAnns work.

So that got me to thinking -
Why markers?
What have I been missing?

Then I started researching and found a whole world I have never explored.
Now you experienced people are probably thinking . . .
Who is this girl who doesn't use markers?
I mean - I know all about Crayola markers.
And then there Pentel markers, and the LePlumes. They are nice. They are ok.

But there are so many many many more.
I learned about TomBows.
Did you know they are waterbased and you can create a watercolor effect with a brush and water?
How cool is that???

And Copics
Oh Copics.
There are no words to describe the world of Copic that I have discovered.
Again - you seasoned artists are probably thinking - "Aah, who is this person? And she calls herself an artist!"

I shopped and perused online sites for information and pluses/minuses of the various brands and what they would do and what they were good for and one and one and on.
I watched video after video.
I have become obsessed.

In the end . .. I bought some TomBows. Two sets.
(Which in the end - one would have been sufficient, I think. But oh well.)

And finally - I am now adding pennies to my piggy bank to save up and buy copics.
Lots and lots of copics.
I am considering making a sign and standing on a corner.
The sign will read -
"Will work for copics".

And so you can see . . .
just like that little mouse in the children's book
"If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" . . .
This may never end.


Giggles said...

Yes I love Joanne Sharps work too!! I certainly understand your attraction, your work is similar!! And this piece you just did is AMAZING!!! I could see a set of sheets, a duvet cover!! I love love love it!! As for markers, I have always loved sharpies, and started doing art with them. For years I was designated sign maker at work using jiffy pens. I too have been looking into copics, but I want them all and they are expensive... but they are refillable...did you know that?? Very inspirational post!! You go girl....can't wait to see what else you come up with!!

Hugs Giggles

An'Angelia Thompson said...

I'm like you, Laurie - I don't use markers either. However, after seeing this FANTASTIC artwork (by the way, I'd like this as a peasant blouse!), I might have to rethink the whole marker thing. OK - I'm off to check out Joanne Sharp's work :o) ♥

Cheryl Mellema said...

Oh I just love how bright this is and all of the details! I would like a VW Beetle painted like this! How cool would that be!

I'm going to have to check out this artists work and copics pens!


Cheryl Mellema said...

I totally want to do this class! I guess I need to get some supplies - QUICK! ha ha