Friday, November 18, 2011

More reclaimed frames and Jamal

Have I introduced you to Jamal?

A few years ago, my daughter was out with her friend.
They were driving through the parking lot of the local movie theater.
Lying in the dirt under a tree was a . . .thing.
A human form of sorts.

They stopped the car to investigate.
They found a mannequin - you know the kind -
no head, no arms, and partial legs.

She brought him home.
It was going to be an art project for her.

Instead - he ended up getting dressed up.
The black biking shorts, the rainbow suspenders, the paisley tie . .
the headdress and mask were part of his Halloween costume.

Jamal is a very busy guy -
He has gone on trips with my daughter,
he moves around the house,
he shows up in unexpected places . . .

Doesn't everyone need a Jamal?

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