Friday, November 4, 2011

Everybody's Working for the Weekend!

New custom mirrors . . .
The weekend is upon us.
quite frankly, i feel like i have earned a weekend.
it was a very long week indeed.
last night we headed off to a certain store that i won't name here to buy lazy susans.
we received a large wholesale order this week and we are preparing for our winter shows.
so off to the large store that won't be named.
we loaded up our cart with all kinds of strange items.
mirror tiles, lazy susans and items that could be used for display items.
and did i say lazy susans?
over 30 of them. . .
if you ever want to spur on a conversation with total strangers,
 just load up your cart in a store with 30 lazy susans!
i guarantee - total strangers will stop to chat.

so what are the weekend plans?
for my friday night plans - my daughter and i will attend the play "anne frank" at her high school.
there will be lots of painting - (did i say 30 lazy susans?)
there will be lots of eating - a breakfast out with a friend in the morning on saturday and then dinner family in the evening.
and then for a little variety - i think i will paint some more!
who says i don't know how to live it up on the weekend?

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