Monday, April 11, 2011

Made In Oregon . . .

It's official - we are in 4 Made In Oregon stores. This is a nice feather in our humble little cap! I remember going into these stores years ago and thinking only "real" artists have their things chosen to be in here. . .and now Laurie Miller Designs will be represented. We can be found in the Portland Airport, Washington Square, Pioneer Place and Newport stores as of this week. This is a trial order - if the items sell, we will work on a larger order. Keep you fingers crossed for us . . .better yet - drop into one of the stores!

This is a project I just worked on. I was contacted by a woman who conducts leadership and management trainings to design name tags. Because her workshops focus on creative approaches to problem solving and taking a leap on goals, she wanted to have name tags that inspire the same types of things. Check out her website. She is truly inspirational. She is an ultralight pilot and has accomplished some amazing goals. It gives me hope.

Other than that - my studio time is being dominated by a studio move and redecorating project. With my oldest daughter moving out of the house, a room opened up. My sweet husband has been painting and putting up shelves and such to get it ready for me. I will post pictures when the project is complete!

Now onto other projects. . . .

Have a great week!

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Trishelle said...

Congratulations! That is tremendous news! It always make me happy to hear that more and more people out there get to experience your work!