Thursday, April 14, 2011

Green . . .and all things magical

I remember being totally enchanted with the little daisys that would grow in the grass in the spring.
They used to grow in the baseball field of my elementary school.
I took personal offense when the maintenance crew would cut the grass because it would chop the tops off of my little flowers.
I mean. . .really - what were they thinking?
You don't chop down the flowers!!!

I always loved daisies as a child and I still find them to be some of the happiest flowers ever.
I remember weaving them into chains and crowns.
I would imagine that they were the skirts of fairies.
I would pick them and pluck of the petals, one by one.

I still think they are pretty magical.

And as much as I love a bouquet of beautiful roses . . .I'd choose a bouquet of bright daisys anytime!

These sweet beauties were discovered on a recent walk around a local golf course.
As tired as I am of the rain we are having in Oregon, you can't beat it for making the grass green.
And look at those droplets of water clinging on the blades of grass.


 The other thing that totally enchanted me as a child was weeping willow trees.
I don't remember any weeping trees in my yards or my neighborhood when I was growing up,
but every time I saw one they invoked fantasies of hidden forts, princesses, fairies. . .
all things magical.I
And again . . .check out those shakes of green. 

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