Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Chrissy-Missy

Being silly while bowling - serious pictures are soooo. . .boring

A bit of snuggle time with the nephew.  Nothing like sleeping with a baby!

Enjoying the last days of summer.

There is nothing like the birthday of one of your children to make you stop for a moment and reflect on your blessings. The blessings of watching a human being grow into their
own individual self; the blessing that person brings to your life by their mere presence.
My number three child was born 19 years ago today!
Her birth was a smooth and magical experience.
She entered the world at about 11:30 in the morning.
Her name was going to be Hannah. I had always wanted a little girl named Hannah.
One day, when I was in the 9th month of pregnancy - my oldest daughter, then 6 years old - put her hands on my swollen belly and said the baby will be born soon. It's a girl and her name is Christina Marie.
I thanked her for her prediction, but told her that no - if it was a girl, her name would be Hannah.
Soon after came the exciting day and we welcomed our baby girl.
As she was placed in my arms, my husband and I looked at her and said - "she is not a Hannah - she is most definitely a Christina Marie".
As Chrissy grew - she filled our home with her uniqueness -
reminding us daily to experience the little miracles and magic that occur everyday.
19 Things about Chrissy -

1. She is an amazing creative artist.
2. She has an amazing laugh - one that you cannot help but join in with when she begins to laugh.
3. She has managed to maintain her childhood innocence and reminds all around her to do the same.
4. She is very musical. She plays the piano beautifully and her singing voice makes you stop and listen.
5. Our favorite memories of her childhood involved a makebelieve alter-ego named Skipper Tiger and of her 3-year old self wearing white cowboy boots with . . .everything!
6. When she was very young she informed us that when she grew up she didn't want babies, she wanted to have puppies.
7. She has been dubbed the animal whisperer - dogs and cats are instantly attracted to her. They know she is a kindred spirit.
8. She has an amazing patience with children of all ages.
9. She has embraced her uniqueness from early on. She knows who she is.
10. She has tackled the challenges of her life head on.
11. She is a loyal friend.
12. She is open to new tastes, new experiences, new adventures.
13. She is accepting of everyone.
14. She is curious - about the world, about other's stories, about other places.
15. She is adventurous when it comes to new tastes and cultures. (She's the only one of my children who loves Indian food as much as I do!)
16. She loves the ocean and the sand. Any beach will do.
17. She loves the adventures of downtown. Hanging in a bookstore, a coffee shop or general people watching is her idea of a perfect day.
18. She loves to listen to music and her musical tastes grow larger and larger every day.
19. She loves family.

Thank you Chrissy - for choosing me to be your mommy.  I love you!

On another note . . .

a glimpse of a new stool that has just been finished for a custom order.

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Anonymous said...

I remember talking to you when Chrissy was very little and throwing a temper tantrum about something and I asked you how you handle her when she acts like looked at me and shrugged your shoulders and said she's my third's just so much easier to give her what she wants...I LOVE my beautiful Christina; she puts me at ease when I am around her because of her joyful, free spirit. Auntie Michele