Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Class of 2010

A new painting I am working on - it is still a work in progress -it is tall (almost 4 feet) and narrow (about 18 inches). I have had this canvas for a few years - white and blank - just staring at me - daring me to paint it. It initially started with me painting my "left-over globs" of paint on it. I paint in acrylics and they are expensive. I can't stand the idea of wasting it. When I am finished for the night, I smear the left over colors on a blank canvas to begin building a background. I rarely know what the end result will be. As the colors began to build up on this canvas, I still wasn't sure what it was going to be. Maybe it is our slow-starting Oregon summer this year. But I needed some color and flowers - so I painted them!
June has been an exciting month so far. On Tuesday night our middle daughter, Chrissy graduated from high school. What a night! We were all so excited to see her accomplish this task. There were moments where we weren't sure this day would ever come - but it did and she made it! It seems like just yesterday that I was putting her hair in braids, watching her crawl around on the floor playing make-believe, coloring bright pictures with her crayons and snuggling her favorite stuffed animals. Chrissy has had some challenges in her life, including being diagnosed with juvenille diabetes at age 5. She has attacked her challenges with her own sense of purpose. Her outlook on life is her own. She is loving and accepting, has amazing patience and a wonderful creative spirit. She writes her own rules. How did I get so blessed to be chosen to be her mother? Here's to this adventure called life! Any other graduates out there?

And tomorrow night we will celebrate the graduation of our son Collin - he will be receiving his Associates Degree in Business. YEAH!


aimee said...

i think the vase of flowers goes hand in hand with your daughter's graduation - two beautiful things in bloom!

Michelle Adams said...

Scott's older daughter Ashley was here for Devone's graduation and she fell in love with the candlesticks we got as a wedding gift. I'd like to order a unique pair for her for Christmas. Can you do it?

rachel awes said...

oh these flowers are delicious!
& congrat's on this whole new season with & for your daughter!
we have one son who will BEGIN high school in the fall (14) & the other son will be in his last yr of elementary (11). these markers are indeed huge & we need all the flowers we can get as we walk through such big doorways together!
nice to "meet" you!