Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Two Custom Orders . . .

One of my clients wanted a Lazy Susan to go with her set of dishes. She gave me a picture of the dishes and I took the idea of the blue and red flowers. Vines creep around and fill the surface . . .Pam, all this needs now is a couple coats of sealer to protect it and add depth and shine. Then you can use it in your kitchen.

Jeff wanted to get his wife a one of a kind gift for Mother's Day. We talked about a chair or an end table. In the end, they decided together that they wanted to update a coffee table that has been in her family for years. Julie's father built this table and she remembers that it was a part of her home growing up. It was sent with her when she moved out to furnish her first apartment. Now it is a part of her and Jeff's home and a part of their family.
The table is unique - it is approximately 5 feet long in the shape of a surf board. Unique features on the base make it a one of a kind piece of furniture.
Since this has been a part of Julie's family for as long as she can remember, she wanted it to reflect what means the most to her family - the beach. I worked on the base first - the colors are laid in. The details are yet to come!
Here is a brief preview of the top. A blue sky, a sun, the start of a beach. You will need to stay tuned to see the finished product. Check back soon!


Anonymous said...

You are the best, my friend! I can't wait to see the lazy Susan on my table. You have done it again!

Bodach said...

Too cool! We are very excited!