Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another Sale down! Another one to go!

We're looking forward to another sale the weekend of  May 23rd and 24th at Oceanside Community Center. Starts at 10am. The little town of Oceanside is approx. nine miles outside of Tillamook, Ore. Easy to find, but if you want a little help with directions, just let us know.  This is what you'll see from the patio of the community center. See you there!


Trishelle said...

I wish we could go!! Congrats on navigating through the first one! Chrissy and I magnified your booth picture and were blown away. Everything looks fantastic! I'm so proud of you! One of these days, when we are rich, I'm going to fly the fabulous premiere artist, Laurie Miller, to my home and hire her to decorate my backyard. I love you and good luck next week!

Laurie Miller said...

Oh-wouldn't that be wonderful. You could come and look at art at the beach! Talk about perfection at its finest :) Thanks for the compliments - we are really pleased with the look of the booth. And I would love to come and help you decorate your yard - anytime. That would be great fun!