Thursday, May 23, 2013


It is time.
Remember that line from "The Lion King"?
Simba has left Pride Rock and gone into the jungle.
He is living with Pumba and Timon in their little oasis.
Life is happy and blissful and then...
Nala returns.
And he begins to feel restless.
He knows that change needs to happen.
He needs to return to his home.
But before he makes the decision,
he encounters Rafiki who reminds him of his true purpose.
He hits him on the head with the stick and "knocks" some sense in to him.
And when Simba finally recognizes what he needs to do,
Rafiki calmly, but emphatically states:
"It is time".
Well it is time for me...
almost a year ago - my life as I knew it changed.
I didn't run away like Simba, but I knew that it would never be the same again.
Even though I did everything I could to keep it the same for as long as possible.
But life has changed...
and with that - so has my name.
I have gone back to the name I came into this world with...
Laurie Linn
The day that I made that a reality, a friend of mine wished me a "happy birthday" -
and that is exactly what it felt like.
A re-birth.
At first I was going to leave my business name as Laurie Miller Designs.
I have worked hard to establish myself under that name -
but I am no longer Laurie Miller
and I do not want my business name to reflect that name.
I am now
Laurie Linn Designs.
So I hope that you will join me as we move to a new blog. 
This blog will remain and you can still come back and visit old posts...
but all new posts will be at the new location of
Thank you for your support through this last year -
and the years before.
I wouldn't be here without you...

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