Thursday, April 4, 2013

Let's Step it Up!

I don't think it is any secret ...
I find a lot of power in words.
And these words really spoke to me today:
"There is a profound and very painful mission we subconsciously embark on right around the junior high school years.
We set out to live a life free of embarrassment. Everything we do is designed to keep us safe from other people's ridicule.
But that strategy becomes a prison hou
se as we try to make adulthood successful, because it limits all the good things we could have done.
To aim for WILDLY SUCCESSFUL is actually more practical and beneficial than to try to be successful. So rise up. Step out. Use your voice. Speak up, and perform daring acts of heroic and creative service." From "Risk Your Safe Habits" by Steve Chandler
I remember my junior high years.
I watched my children go through these years.
It is a very painful time.
Fitting in is the goal...or at least it seemed that way.
I have a very vivid memories...
One day in seventh grade-
I got up in the morning and got dressed for the day.
I was sporting one very cool outfit.
I can still see it in my mind.
And out of the need to preserve my dignity, I refuse to describe it here.
But let's just say ...
It's purpose was to look "cool" and to be noticed.
Unfortunately...I didn't realize how uncomfortable "being noticed" would feel.
I think I made it until about 8:15 (school started at 8:00) before I was ready to melt into the floor.
I spent the rest of the day trying to figure out how to get home and into something more...
But regardless of the excuse - I knew I was stuck.
The day dragged on.
I was mortified and humiliated all day long.
I went home angry at mom.
How could she have let me leave the house in that outfit???
Like it was her choice....LOL.
Junior High was also the time for lovely body changes.
You all know what I am talking about.
It's like our bodies went crazy...remember?
I would wash my hair in the morning and by 10 am it was greasy and stringy.
There wasn't enough deodorant available in the entire city...
We were all going through our "gangly" stage.
Our faces were betraying us with acne...
Oh yeah. It was special.
High School came and I headed into drama.
That choice, in and of iteself, made me stand out.
I was onstage - and I felt at home there.
But there were cerain assumptions about the kids in drama.
Alot of us were "the social misfits".
So I did everything I could to blend ...
but that was a contradiction to what I wanted to do.
The story of attempting to blend in didn't change as I grew older.
But I am done wanting to blend in.
I am done wanting to settle for "ordinary".
Why do we cut ourselves short?
Why do we think it's acceptable to want "ok" for ourselves?
When I read the statement above - I realized just how much I want to stand out!
I also realize how much I have missed up to now because of the limits that I put on myself.
I say NO MORE.
No more limits. No more underestimating.
We are not here to fail.
We are not here to be average.
If we were meant to be average - then we would all be exactly alike.
I want to be WILDLY successful at what I do -
And I am not talking about money here - (Not that a little extra wouldn't be appreciated).
I am talking about being wildly successful so that I can say YES to all of the things that I want to try -
Say YES to adventures.
Say YES to LIVING!!!
And what's more...
I want to be able to empower my children and my grandchildren and every other young person that I meet to be Wildly Successful starting today!
Let's not shrink behind complacency and normal anymore.
Let's get out there and let our light shine!

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