Thursday, December 13, 2012

UPcycled Table

I met Mary Jane over 2 years ago.
She came to one of my shows and picked up a few items.
She then called to have me help her with a project -
To redo an old chair that had been her mother's.
The idea was to cover the chair with images that reminded her of her mom as a tribute to her.
Several months ago,
she called again.
This time to do another chair - but for her sister.
The chair was just like the first one - it had come from the same set that had been their mothers.
We covered it with images that reminded her sister of her children.
Then came the table.
The table had been mom's as well.
However, it had been subjected to quite a bit of abuse and didn't look very nice.
The finish was peeling off.
There are a few cracks in the wood.
It had been left out on a porch and exposed to the elements a bit too long.
But it was moms and Mary Jane could not bear to see it tossed out with the trash.
So she brought it over.
She wanted it to have the look of the outdoors since it will eventually live in their mountain cabin.
Mountains, a river, fish, a cabin, ferns -
 all of the things that they love about their cabin were to be included on the table.
A little sanding.
A little priming.
A lot of color and . . .
Mary Jane's sad and unloved table has been given a new lease on life.

This little table is still a work in progress.
There is still some detailing left.
And of course - a good finish to protect it for years to come -
But I think I was able to capture the feel of the love and joy that they experience at their mountain retreat!

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