Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Busy Month

All older print . . .but kind of appropriate for this occasion.

It feels like it has been a year since I have visited my blog.
At least a month . . .
And it has been a while, but really only a few short weeks.
Summer is supposed to be about lazy, slow days.
Waking up slowly, evenings spent sitting out on the deck and sipping a cool beverage.
Weekends lounging by a slow moving river.

Of course, my summer has been a bit different.
The combination of handling an upcoming divorce, my day job, and my art business has kept me more than busy.

So what has been going on over the last few weeks?
Well . . .
I had 2 major art shows. Which went great! Visited with lots of people and sent a lot of art home to go and live with their new families.
Mourned the sale of one of my favorite pieces of art. Glad that it went to a good home - but it was a favorite and I was sad to see it go.
Took my van to have it repaired.
Created more problems for the van.
Needed reliable transportation, so I bought a car.
That was scary - the first time I have had to make a purchase and decision of that size by myself.
Still working on having the van repaired because I need it to haul inventory to my sales.
Created and completed the biggest Purchase Order EVER for the local Made In Oregon stores.
Delivered the Purchase Order.
Had my living space of my house painted.
Listed my house "for sale".
Rearranged my living space.
Hung new art and shelves on the walls.
Bought new chairs for my living space off Craigslist.
Sat in my living and breathed a sigh of satisfaction.
Received an offer for the sale of my house.
Was overcome with the idea of an impending move.
Became exicted at the idea of an impending move.
Looked at my overgrown and weed filled backyard.
Walked away from the overgrown and weed filled backyard.
Filled over 10 smaller custom orders for clients.
Worked on inventory for upcoming sales.
Supplied inventory to another gift shop.
Went out to dinner and breakfast with friends.
Planned details of an upcoming vacation road trip for my daughter and myself.
I fixed my dining room table.
Fought insomnia.
Felt joy. Humility. Anger. Grief. Happiness.
Felt overwhelmed.
Created my to do lists and checked things off.
Felt proud.
Learned to ask for help.

Whew! No wonder I haven't had a lot of times for blogging and taking pictures of art work.

Now - before we all start looking for my superwoman cape - it must be stated . . .
I had help.
Lots of help -
from my kids, my parents, my brothers, my wonderful and amazing friends.
Did I say that I felt a lot of humilty?
There is nothing better than knowing you have people in your life that you can call and say "I need help" . . .
and their reply is "when and where?".
And they are right there by your side and helping you.
Or even better - they show up on your doorstep unannounced and just step in and "do".
Yes! I am humbled.

These last few months have been some of the worst days of my life.
And ironically - some of the best.
And I mean that honestly.
I have felt blessed, loved, and empowered.
My feelings of gratitude fo the amazing people in my life is all encompassing.
And so the adventure begins . . .


Giggles said...

I have so many tears reading this post! Tears for a courageous lady full of substance, beauty and gratitude during the hardest times!!Tears because I remember just how difficult it all is, how friends and family lift us up, their support is immeasurable.You have accomplished so much to be proud of!! Kudos to all who helped you!!

A person who leaves without taking care of business is a coward! Leaving the bulk of the work to one person is so unfair!!That may not be your case, but it happens far too often. It's so selfish, and the easy way out!

You are amazing!! One day you will read back on this post and see just how amazing you are, what you have accomplished during such a tough time!! You will see how brave you are and it will spiritually elevate you to a higher place.... knowing you are capable of handling anything by yourself as long as you have friends and family who love you!!!

Big hugs
My heart is with you

Trishelle said...

LOVE you, my strong, resilient, beautiful friend!

Need a place to road trip to? I've got a subtropical idea for you!

Cheryl Mellema said...

You truly are an inspiration, you may be humbled but that is how we all should be.

Your passion is obvious and contagious, and I am thrilled to see you doing amazing things.

Affirmation of the day "I am woman - hear me ROAARRRR!"