Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Where Have I Been???

So . . .I'm sure people have assumed one of the following . . .
1. I dropped off the face of the earth
2. I am no longer keeping a blog
3. I finally won the lottery, packed a suitcase and moved to the tropics (I wish!)
4. Was abucted by aliens
5. Had a few too many things on my plate

I mean, I have ignored things before - but never for this long.
But it is a new year - a new month (well, tomorrow is a new month) and a new day.

So we begin again.

So where did we leave off?

We spent time managing multiple orders for wholesale accounts, filling commissions for Holiday gifts and meeting wonderful people at our Winter shows.

Lining up orders for wholesale accounts . . .

One middle daughter moved out of our home and out into the big world on her own.
The house felt empty . . .for about a week.

A nephew quickly moved in to rent the extra bedroom.

Time was spent with family.

There were Holidays full of Thanks and Christmas cheer.

I ran from but was eventually caught by the latest virus that was going around my workplace and found myself pretty non-functional for over a week. Yuck!

I dare say - there was even one or two complete and utter meltdowns.

Then the new year came -
usually that means a quiet break to regroup and catch up.
Not this year -

This year was different and very special for at the end of January we celebrated the marriage of our oldest daughter.


As we celebrated our daughters special day, I found myself thinking often of the
opening speech by Steve Martin in the movie "FAther of the Bride".
He is quoting the difference between "getting married" and a "wedding".
Yup! It's kind of like childbirth.
You can tell a person over and over what it is going to be like -
but until you actually live through it . . .
Yeah - if you've put on a wedding - you know what I mean!

It was a beautiful day, filled with beautiful memories.
A day where it appeared as if my beautiful girl had a bright light glowing from the inside of her all day.
A day where her dad and I cried tears of joy and pride and excitement.
A day where we officially welcomed a wonderful man into our lives.
A day of celebration with the dearest friends and family.
A day of celebration and love and joy.

For that day - my baby girl really was a princess . . .

And the wedding photos?
Oh wow - they are so beautiful.
Vicki Cane of Grace Photography did a phenomenal job.

And the flowers?
They were gorgeous from Stacey at the Garden Gate Florals 

And I would be remiss if I didn't thank all of my dear friends who helped with my decorating work parties and with the service and the flash mob (that's for another post) and for holding my hand and reminding me that it would all work out.

I have some very gifted  and wonderful and amazing friends. 

So as you can see . . .I have been a bit preoccupied over the last few months.
But I think I am ready to get back to a routine.


Peggi Linn said...

Love the pics Laurie...what a Princess she is!

Janiel Miller said...

Beautiful girl. Great looking boy. Gorgeous pictures. Proud mama you must be.