Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Season . . .Here We Come!

New product . . .yard stakes!

In their "natural" habitat.
We are actively gearing up for summer sale season - which begins this weekend! I have been painting plaques, lazy susans and mirrors and  prepping prints, finishing paintings and adding a few new items to the mix.
This year we are adding yard stakes!
Every year I am asked if my art is suitable for outdoor use - so I decided to make some specifically for that purpose.
A little garden zen . . .
I have to admit, that when my husband and I began talking about this, he asked me . . .
"Are you sure these won't be too "country?"
I tried to make it a point to keep the bright, whimsical style with positive affirmations.
Now we wait and see how they are received!

Other than that - life has been moving along just fine.
We have finally started to get some weather that actually resembles summer.
My garden is growing every day.
The slugs have backed off and aren't making a feast of my veggies.
We had a wonderful 4th of July -
we spent it with friends and watched fireworks from their backyard.
Harry Potter comes out in a week -
yes! I am a junkie.
Don't judge me - :)
I just completed an exteded long weekend and was able to spend some time doing daily meditations while watering my garden.
This simple habit is one of my favorite summer time rituals.
A rebalancing of my day and life.
I must say, that since returning to a "full-time" day job, one of the things that I miss the most is my
morning watering routine.
Yes - I can put on a sprinkler and water my garden. But I have always preferred to hand water.
To stand outside, barefooted, hose-in-hand and water each plant and flower pot.
I feel the sun, listen to my windchimes and the local birds.
I pull a weed or two and share the fresh greens with the chickens.
I grab a few berries off of the vines.
In fact - I often find myself spending longer than necessary because it so relaxing and meditative.

Ahhhh - summer.
I am glad that you are here!

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