Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Lights of the Season

Now that the Holiday shows are complete, it's time to engage in some Christmas magic of my own.
This truly is my favorite time of year.
I just can't get enough.
I'm not talking about the chaos - I could do without that for sure.
But the lights, the music, the cold walks outside, the wonderful yearly activities . . .the MAGIC!
It really does feel like magic to me.

Last night we attended the Grotto Festival of Lights.

I remember the first year I attended this festival. My oldest daughter was 4 and my son was 2.
My husband was working at a job that required crazy hours into the night.
I wanted to do fun things, but found myself sitting at home feeling sorry for myself.
Afterall - I couldn't do these events by myself. I had small children.

And then, I realized - that attitude was going to lead to a very dull existance. So I packed myself and the kids up and we headed out for some magic.

The Grottw features all kinds of lights decorating the property, choirs perform every hour, a petting area and a spirit of Christmas that can't be explained.

Our youngest daughter now gets to sing in the HS choir and they performed last night. The performances are in a large Catholic chapel with stone floors and walls, high ceilings and some of the best accoustics around.
Every year, I look for the angels that seem to be singing with the choirs.

As we strolled throughout the grounds, I was reminded again of the meaning of the season.
It felt good.
It felt magical.
It felt peaceful.

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