Monday, November 1, 2010

Studio Goings-On. . .

Life in my studio has been crazy busy! I have a long list of custom pieces I have been working on and was able to complete a few of them this weekend. These were FUN! Both were so unique for me - the first . . .

Lazy Susans. . .

Now granted - Lazy Susans are not a new item for me. In fact this one is similar to designs I have done
before. And it is a standard lazy susan. But this one . . .

 is different. Although you can't tell by the photo, this one is over 2 1/2 times larger than the standard piece.
It was like painting on a large canvas.
So enjoyable!
So fulfilling!!
The customer had recently bought a new table and chairs set and this was included.
This thing weighs about 25 pounds and is solid.
What fun it was!

This next project was truly unique.
The customer did a great job visualizing what could be . . .
After buying a new home, she has been working on remodeling her kitchen. She has found that she doesn't have a place for a garbage can.
And we all know how attractive garbage cans are.
Through some thrift shopping, she found a tall wooden box.
My guess is this was originally used as a potatoe bin or something like that.
It's sturdy and solid.
But it was . . .shall we say . . .ugly!

I don't think it is so ugly now. . .

I would love to have this sitting out in my kitchen.

On a sadder note . . .

this past weekend we said goodbye to a member of our family.
Murphy was our 14 1/2 year old Golden Retriever.
He lived a wonderful, full life and filled our home with unconditional love, loyalty, and laughs.
These last years, as he has aged, he body began to let him down.
His spirit was still that of a puppy -
but his was aging.
We made the difficult decision that it was time.
It truly was a very difficult decision and one that every member of our family weighed in on.
I remember bringing him home as a 15 pound puppy - golden and covered in a his fluffy puppy fur.
His first night in our home I held him and rocked him like a baby.
I slept on the couch, my hand rubbing his tummy in his box, so that he could adjust from being away from his mommy.
He was one of the most loyal animals I have known.
He seemed to think of our children as his own and didn't care where he was, as long as he was with one of us.
He will be missed.
And he will forever remain in my heart.


Stacey said...

I love the picture of him relaxing on the deck with Chrissy and Cameron. Where does the time go? You all gave Murphy a great life. He was blessed too. Why am I crying? I guess it's empathy for my bestie. Love you, sista

Jason said...

Man.... I'm glad I got to see Murphy one last time the other day!
He made me smile the few times I met him. You were both lucky to have each other.
RIP Murphy.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Murphy - animals become such parts of our family and lives giving unconditional love, friendship and joy - one of ours is now 14 years old and bimbles around but the years are catching up on her. Heartfelt thoughts are with you.

Your painted pieces are unique and fun - I'm sure they will bring pleasure to the people who are lucky enough to own them for many years to come.

Janiel Miller said...

Oh, I'm sorry about Murphy! That's hard. It's amazing how much a part of you pets become. My brother lost his Westie last year. Condolences.

On a brighter note, love, love, LOVE your potato bin. You have such a great eye for color and pattern. Some day, Laurie, I'm coming up there . . .

(Oh! btw, I do have another trip coming up in December. I'll send the dates)

Also, loved your book list on my blog. Such nostalgia. You could go on and on with a list like that, couldnt' you?

Janet Ghio said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. We love our pets so much and they are such dear friends.

helen said...

Your work is so colorful! Sorry to hear about the loss of your dog. But he 'had' you for a long time and was probably very lucky and happy.