Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Some "Me" Time

We traveled to Sisters, Oregon for our Harvest Festival - is it any wonder why I love this part of Oregon?  Every time I travel over there I am filled with a desire to relocate.
The sky is expansive,
the mountains are magnificent,
the high desert landscape seems to go on forever,
and some of the most beautiful sunsets are seen on a regulat basis.
I wonder if the people who live there come to take it for granted?

Our sale was all right - Sisters experienced some rather odd weather - but we enjoyed talking to those the braved the elements. And it was still a lovely "mini" vacation.

After returning from Sisters - I traveled to the Oregon Coast.
Is it any wonder that I love where I live? From my home, I can be in entirely different landscapes in a manner of 2 1/2 hours. From desert to ocean.
This trip was about rest and relaxation.
Recharging my batteries.
Bonding with my mother.
Just the two of us -
enjoying a delightful escape and some of the most beautiful weather I have experienced at the Coast in a long time.
The Oregon Coast has plenty of sun - but it is usually accompanied by strong, cold winds -
but if you are lucky enough to be there during an Indian Summer . . .ahhhh.
Those are the days that I live for . . .

And this little seagull was enjoying the evening at the beach as much as we were.
He decided he needed to go get some firewood and s'more supplies for a little evening fun!

Now it is back to reality. Yesterday I experienced a bit of "reentry shock" as I returned to my day job and the day extended into the 8:30 pm hour.

The rest of my week-long escape was spent at home catching up with friends.
Long telephone conversations
Long lunches
Long sessions of laughter
And a few long naps and time spent with my journal.
I spent time on my deck, soaking up the warm sun.

We celebrated milestones -

(he even blew these out with one quick breath!)

And the last night of my week off - we prepared for the upcoming busy-ness with a roaring fire in our backyard.
The night air was clear and cold.
The fire was warm and glowing.
Watching the coals and the flames is rather hypnotic.

Stay tuned - we are preparing our prototypes to take into Made In Oregon. If all goes well, product will be available throughout the state by the Holidays.

Enjoy these last beautiful days of fall. At least in my part of the world, I am sure the rains will be here before we know it and I will be longing for the sunshine again.


Anonymous said...

Great post and fabulous pictures - that seagull entering the store is priceless :0) ahhhh, real fires are a treat, I can lose hours staring into the flames, embers and tiny sparks rising into the night sky x

Stacey said...

I love the pics! Makes me feel so blessed to be a part of the Linn/Miller family events from the past. We miss you all and wish we were closer to enjoy more. I agree with Michelle, the seagull is too funny!