Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Be AMAZED . . .

Be Happy; Be Amazed; Be Grateful; BE ALIVE.

BE AmazeD and Alive!
These are my words to live by this week.
There are too many wonderful things all around us not to be amazed.

Recently, we experienced a brief miracle of amazment when our sweet chickens began laying eggs. I feel like such a proud mama.
These sweet little eggs were so tiny - about half the size of a regular egg. But they had bright orange centers and were so delicious. Just a little preview of many more to come.
I found myself preparing these carefully. Nothing special - they were scrambled with some salt and pepper; however, since we feed these chickens each day and make sure that they have a safe place to roost at night, I was uniquely attached to these eggs. I sat at my table and savored each bite. There is something so wonderful about being a part of the process that creates the food that we eat. I experience this when I pick the berries and vegetables from my garden. And I experienced it when I enjoyed these eggs for breakfast.

And now for a commercial announcement - I will be showing work in Oceanside, Oregon this weekend. If you happen to be on the Oregon Coast for the long weekend, swing by Oceanside. It is such a sweet little town and the beach is beautiful. And there is ART! Wonderful Art by some wonderful people.

The following weekend, I will be participating in the West Linn Arts Festival. This is a first for me - I am quite excited and am looking forward to seeing some artist friends that I haven't seen for a while.
Judee Moonbeam is a wonderful fiber artist. She designs bags, hats and clothing using Middle Eastern, Celtic and African motifs. Judee and I met when we were placed next to each other at a small holiday sale. It was a mid week sale - rather slow - and we found ourselves filling the time by talking. I consider her a soul sister. And since I can barely sew a straight line, I have a true appreciation for the beautiful work she creates and the exceptional quality of her pieces.
Lin Haak is a fabulous artist I met a few years ago. I remember the first time I saw her work at an art festival. I spent quite a while in her booth. Her work combines rich colors, realistic images and an unexpected touch of whimsy. Later, I met her at an meeting of a group of local artists, and I remember feeling a little starstruck. It was like meeting a celebrity that you have followed from afar. The reality is - Lin is an open, friendly woman and I am happy to call her friend.

Art Festivals are a lot of work - there is a lot of preplanning, loading up the van, setting up the booth, packing the supplies for "just in case" - and then at the conclusion, you do everything in reverse.
 But I love them!
 I love talking with the people who come to look and shop and admire.
But even more important, I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones.
 At each sale, I walk away feeling like I am truly part of a community of like minded individuals. . . people who are driven to create and make this world a little more beautiful.


helen said...

Love your work and the fact that you have eggs from your own chickens - makes you my hero!

Lori said...

love you bright whimsical artwork! And how fun to be at the West Linn Art festival! I have yet to have a booth at any festival...but one day! I bet it's a lot of fun!

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

I loved this piece so much I have shared it on my blog with a link to your blog (for the Artist Blog Hop Share that I moderate). Thanks for sharing your heart with us! Hugs and happy creating!

lilasvb said...

nice to stop in and visit your blog