Friday, July 16, 2010

Thank Goodness for my Studio

Life lately, has been . . .shall we say . . .a bit stressful. Some of it is good stress and some of it not so good. There have been days lately where I stand in the middle of a room and ask God, the universe and whoever may be listening questions like, "Are you serious? How much more can I be expected to handle in a day?"

I know that I am not the only one going through things. In fact - much of the stress I am dealing with is not "mine", but that of loved ones. Being an adult in this world at this time in history is hard!!! Being a teenager at this time is even harder. In the last year, we have experienced births, illnesses, unemployment, financial struggles, watched those close to us have their marriages break apart, watched our children question their place in the world and on and on and on. Our home is bursting at the seams with people all navigating the craziness. Some nights sleep is not even an option.

Yet during these hard times, I am grateful. I am grateful for family, friends, love, and the many blessings and gifts I have. I am grateful for my talents and the peace that my art brings me. As I paint, I hope that my pieces reflect the overwhelming hope that I feel each and every day. As I add uplifting words, I find that I write what my spirit needs to hear. In many ways - my work is the way God speaks to me. I find questions answered through my art. I am reminded to slow down and enjoy the little things, to keep dreaming, to keep pursuing my dreams and to live a full and joyful life. My hope and prayer today is that those near and dear to me (you know who you are) continue to do the same - even in these incredibly trying times.
I think often of Randy Pausch who wrote the book "The Last Lecture". He talks about the roadblocks that are put before us. The bigger the roadblocks, the more we need to prove exactly how much we want that "thing" - what ever it is. And when we overcome those roadblocks, the rewards are always worth the effort.

Thank goodness for my studio - it truly offers me the sanctuary that I need from the struggles of the day to day. And while I escape into my world of color - although my outer appearance may look disshelveled, covered in paint and all messy - my inner spirit finds peace and leaps for joy. How do you find peace amidst all of the craziness?


Anonymous said...

What lovely words you have written. You are not alone....that's all I am sayin sista! These are trying times. I think it's a big global correction. The stuff and the profits weren't real. I think it's more about being than striving.

Laurie Miller said...

Well spoken - it really is about the being in the moment and learning all that there is to learn. Glad to know we are all in this together.

helen said...

I like your art very much - it is so colorful and cheerful. Your message is one on encouragement even in these tough times.Thanks!