Monday, June 1, 2009

The surfboard coffee table has been a fun project. I love to paint. I love the beach and all things "beachy". I love family . . .put them all together and you have a really fun project.
Here's a shot of table after I worked on it for a few hours. But remember, it's not finished yet! Think of this as the before . . .
And here is the after. Full of color, details, words, and whimsy. The main statement on this piece is "Family is nature's masterpiece."
Other word strips that highlight the beachy scenes include "Make a new memory", "cherish simplicity", "make time to play" and "look for miracles".
The table is long -about 5 feet. A wonderful full "canvas" to work on. The only thing left is several coats of polyurethane to bring out the glow and make sure the beauty lasts for years to come.
Thanks Jeff and Julie for allowing me the opportunity to create this for you.
Look around your house - maybe you have something you would like to to have personalized with a touch of color and whimsy.
Upcoming Events - on June 13th I will be participating in a show with Chris Tymoshuk http://www.ctymoshuk/ in Springdale on the Old Scenic Highway. Chris has a great gallery in the old Springdale school and we will be setting up outside. chris does great laterns, mosaics, and paintings. Come and visit us - you will be in for a treat full of color and creativity.
July 11 and 12th - The Sandy Mountain Festival
July 18 - Gresham Art Walk
August 1 & 2 - Lincoln City Arts Festival
More details to come . . .

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